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Nov. 14th, 2010 07:38 pm
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Okay so here's the deal. This is where you tell me whether or not I suck at playing Veser. Comments, questions, advice, suggestions; whatever you want to say, say it! I promise not to get too offended.

IP Logging is off, anon is on, all comments are screened.
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Player Information
*Name/Alias: Maya
*Your Journal: [personal profile] mayamali 
*Age: 19
*Contact Information: mayamayamali @ AIM, Mayalex @ Plurk
*Characters already in the game: Blitzwing (TFA)

Character Information
*Character Name: Veser Amaker Hatch
*Character Canon: Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
*Age: 19
*Race: Human/Selkie hybrid
*Timeline/Pull Point: His last appearance in the comic as of 1/28/2011; he has just run out of the apartment of Conrad, the vampire he's staying with, in a fit of rage after being told of a possible link between his best friend's murder and a man named Ples Tibenoch.

Lay off the teeth, man. )
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Mun Name: Mayalex!
[personal profile] mayamali 
Contact Info: mayamayamali on AIM, Mayalex on Plurk
Other Characters: Starscream (FoC), Jazz (TFA), Cyclonus (IDW), Breakdown (TFP)

Name: Veser Amaker Hatch
From: Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
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Threadhopping: Fine for the most part, but if its obviously something serious or something that is really not the place for it, please refrain from doing so. Location, location, location!
Fourthwalling: Ehhhh. Unless you're psychic, no.
Offensive subjects: I'd prefer not to get TOO in-depth about his abusive childhood. Also, excessive gore is a no-no.


Hugging this character: By all means, go for it! Veser is a very physical person. He likes hugs.
Kissing this character: Uh, sure? He's cool with it.
Flirting with this character/Relationships: Flirting is fine, but for relationships, talk to me first, please.
Fighting with this character: Go all for it! He's a vicious little thing in a fight, though, so be warned.
Injuring this character: Oh, sure thing!
Killing this character: Please contact me first if you can.
Using Telepathy/Mind Reading/Mindwiping: His mind is an open book. As for mind-wiping... talk to me about it.

This is for you guys to fill out. As you've probably noticed, Veser has really sharp teeth that could probably cause some serious damage. SO!

Can Veser bite your character?: This one sounds kind of obvious, but ties into the next question.
What extent of damage can he cause with his teeth?: By default, I assume he take a good chunk out of anything organic, and put a good dent in thinner metals. This is for you to decide, though.

Another really important thing is that Veser comes from an Earth that's roughly set around 2009. So this is a giant, super important question I need you guys to answer, especially if you play from Pokemon, Transformers, or any cartoons from the late 1980s through the 1990s!

Can Veser fourth-wall and/or openly admit to recognizing your character? If so, to what extent?
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#1) Veser Hatch

Veser Hatch's house is a three bedroom, two bathroom beach house; a very plain, simple looking thing with tended flowers out front and a wide backyard. A little something like this, except a bit bigger. There's a bunch of sea and ocean-life decor, and the fireplace has a dirty family portrait above it.


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